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The Wardrobe Angel

We know that having a new baby although wonderful, can put a bit of a strain on the wallet! As well as advocating renting as a cheaper alternative to investing in an item you might only wear once, we have recently stumbled across a fantastic service to help you make the most of the wardrobe you already have. We all have items in our wardrobes just waiting for their potential to be unleashed; items bought on a whim and then never worn for fear of ‘nothing that matches.’

We’d like to introduce you to Stephanie Roper – “The Wardrobe Angel”. 

In her early career working for some of the biggest high street retailers she was confronted on a daily basis with women who spent a small fortune on fashion, but still despaired “I have nothing to wear!”

Inspired to help women make the most out of the clothes they already had and to help them see why they might be making bad buying decisions, the concept for the Wardrobe Angel was born and the business was launched in 2011.

The essence of the Wardrobe Angel service is to re-style, re-work and re-sell clients’ clothes, making it the ultimate cost effective, moneymaking service for busy women.

Firstly, the client’s entire wardrobe will be cleared out to get rid of things that no longer suit their life or shape - clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Remaining items are co-ordinated into outfits and labelled so it’s easy to see at a glance what works with what and how things can be worn in more than one way. Finally, clothing, shoes and accessories are sold on ebay or at dress agencies and the client receives all the money back on sales.

Everything that Stephanie stands for is seeking out a unique look that reflects a person’s individuality and helping clients unlock their inner stylist so they can continue to shop with confidence and embrace their style.

So, after your baby is born (and when things have settled into a routine!) it might be the perfect time to give your wardrobe a proper overhaul, and start to see which of those pre-maternity clothes might be worth dusting off again!  

Find out more by popping along to Stephanie’s website here 

Follow The Wardrobe Angel on twitter here 

See what Stephanie has to say on You Tube here

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